Welcome to Digital Cortex, front-end to the mind of Tom Saunter, and occasional scratchpad for the type of stuff that gets me thinking “huh, that’s kind of cool”.

You’ll note, however, that there hasn’t been much written here lately, because I’ve been busy living life and sharing stuff in other places instead. So in 2016, I’ll be trying to share my expanded thoughts a lot more often here on the blog. Meanwhile though, here’s a selection of my most recent stuff:

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  • “I Don’t Want This Groove to Ever End” by LTJ X-Perience


  • Future Bones Collection 2014” by Future Bones


  • Where'd all the Insta's go?

    Yeah I know right.

    If you’ve noticed there’s more audio, video and less static imagery on here lately, that’s because Instagram made an update to their API sometime last month.

    I was using IFTTT to automate the posting of IG’s that I’d liked to here, but likes are no longer available as an endpoint in their API, or at least not publicly.

    It’s a shame as I see some amazing CG renders and stuff on there that I’d like to continue sharing online somehow.

    So am investigating workarounds, but meanwhile, hit up my own Instagram for fresh pixels. See you on the flip.


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